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Therapy is a psychological and spiritual awakening. It is a return and a reorientation to the authentic self. I believe in the power of empathy, storytelling, embodiment, and creativity.

My work is grounded in traditional psychodynamic theory, blending depth psychology with studies in attachment, neuroscience, and developmental psychology. 

I work with high school teenagers, adult individuals, and couples. I welcome all expressions of identity, culture, gender, and sexuality. 


I have an MA in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and a BA from Virginia Tech. I have a background in Political Theory and Poetry, and I maintain a strong connection to social activism and the creative process. 

In addition to my work as a therapist, I have over 11 years of experience teaching yoga within the Tantric lineage. To attend a public  class or set up a private session,

send me an email.

Every person's life has meaning, and everyone has a story to to tell. I would be honored to hear yours.

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