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Adolescence is an exciting, sensitive, and sometimes chaotic time of life. The project of a teenager is to individuate- they are meant to define themselves in terms of identity, purpose, culture, likes and dislikes, and beyond. Conscious self- development really begins in adolescence, making it a crucial phase of life for adequate support systems. Teenagers experience a huge amount of pressure from school, friends, and society. Most kids in high school become overwhelmed by this at some point- they often struggle with balancing their academic load with social and personal needs.


Teenagers have incredible insight into their own experience; they know when they are angry, anxious, hurt, and stressed out. Many teenagers understandably have climate- related anxiety, in addition to all the other uncertainties of the transition into adulthood. Therapy can help them develop more language and awareness and better communicate their feelings and needs. 

I help teenagers navigate the frustrations of starting to feel like an adult but not having all the privileges and freedom of one. I am also familiar with the unique culture of high school in the Bay Area, which makes high school a different experience for teenagers than many of their parents. If you are a parent and would like to discuss the option of setting up therapy for your teenager, please reach out for a consultation. I am also happy to speak directly to teenagers about the process of starting therapy. 

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